Professional Relocation services and property search on Ibiza

“Whether you’re looking for help with Spanish Bureaucracy, advice on schools, help finding a holiday home to buy, or looking for somewhere to rent short or long term, Next stop Ibiza are on hand to make your transition into Ibizan life as smooth as possible” -  founder, PaddyAnne McAllister

While packing up and moving to Ibiza is an exciting prospect, the administrative realities of relocation and trying to make headway in an unfamiliar bureaucracy can often become a little overwhelming. 


Next Stop Ibiza guides you through the essentials of living in Spain: getting your Spanish NIE number, applying to become a resident, changing your driving licence to a Spanish version. We can also set you up with phone and internet and change utility bills to your name.


Next Stop Ibiza provides a bespoke island relocation service. A personal and caring approach that we tailor to your precise needs and circumstances. 

We help you settle in and discover the charms of island life smoothly and quickly.


Whether you want to rent or buy a house, we’ll accompany you every step of the way. 


Our network of trusted lawyers, tax agents, and real estate experts can handle all the legal paperwork to help you set up and start your new life on the best footing.


Next Stop Ibiza works closely with experienced real estate agents right across the island. We have a host of heavenly homes just waiting to be your dream island hideaway.

Thinking of moving to Ibiza?  We’d love to help.


PaddyAnne managed to find me my dream island home through an Ibicenco contact of hers.  The property wasn’t listed with anyone else.  She also secured me an annual mooring for my boat, paying annually less that other moorings charge per month.  She is always my first port of call for problem solving on the island.

PaddyAnne is the key holder to my apartment on Ibiza.  She has rented it out for two consecutive summers, to very nice families, and organized to have it painted and retiled during the winter months for a fraction of the price I had been quoted.  She is 100% trustworthy and I cannot recommend her and her team enough.

I enlisted Next Stop Ibiza’s help for a dispute regarding a 20% late payment charge on my 44,000e building licence fee.  PaddyAnne negotiated with the Ajuntamiento and managed to get the extra charges dropped quickly and easily.  I cannot recommend Next Stop Ibiza enough.

David Knipping

Tatjana Kenakkala

Jaime & Aihnoa Martín Chico Gonzalez