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Professional Relocation services and property search on Ibiza.


Originally from Ireland Next Stop Ibiza founder PaddyAnne McAllister is no stranger to relocating. She visited Ibiza for the first time in 1996, visited every year thereafter, and permanently moved to the island from Birmingham, UK, where she had studied English and Law.


PaddyAnne grew familiar with the challenges of relocating while working with the British Consulate. She saw the struggles of dealing with bureaucracy, figuring out how things work, and facing language barriers. She also saw a solution – a one stop shop for Ibiza relocation services, helping with everything from NIE and residencia to home searches, school advice and car imports. It was at this moment that her business, Next Stop Ibiza, was born. 

 “I help people enjoy Ibiza life. I take care of the details, remove the fuss. I get things done…fix things. I make my customers happy and everyone ends up a winner.”

PaddyAnne explains the value her firm adds.  Getting residencia is not impossible. Nor is getting your car imported or negotiating a lease with a Spanish landlord. But it’s hugely frustrating if you don’t know which bank accepts NIE applicants, which “modelo” to fill in, if you can’t make an appointment, or can’t answer the civil servant’s questions.


Having been a permanent fixture on the island for almost 20 years, PaddyAnne speaks Spanish like a local, is as active in the Spanish community as she is in the ex-pat one, and is well connected with a team of lawyers, estate agents, and civil servants who are only a phone call away. She is better positioned than anyone to guide you and make you feel safe throughout your Ibiza relocation journey.


She now resides in the Ibiza Town area, running a successful relocation business and raising her little girl.


PaddyAnne has been there, built a new life in a new country, and overcome those fears. Now, her calling is to help others realise their relocation dreams.

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