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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Photograph by Khamkéo Vilaysing Michael Tomlinson

The ‘golden hour’ is often romanticised as the time of day, shortly before sunset, when the sky casts a soft yet magnificent, auburn glow across the sky. Embracing you in its reach, it warms the soul and prepares you for the night to come. For us, it’s all about the ‘golden season’ here in Ibiza, marking the start of autumn. Come September, as the holiday crowds slowly diminish and the island’s closing parties bid a final farewell to the summer season, a new magical calm descends upon Ibiza.

Though the island becomes somewhat cooler, temperatures are still warm during the day - you feel you can truly enjoy Ibiza’s best restaurants and spaces without the guilt of not being at the beach under the blistering sun. The beaches are still a delight where some of the most-popular bays and inlets can be often enjoyed in solitude, perfect for relaxation and unwind.

Photograph by Jose Ilamas

The sunsets take on a truly spectacular form in autumn, too. Vibrant amber, red, yellow and violet reigns supreme over the sky. The perfect accompaniment for that sundowner at a beach bar or to illuminate an afternoon hike in a new light.

With Ibiza’s biodynamic agriculture and farm-to-plate food scene booming, autumn is a time for residents to enjoy its seasonal produce. From browsing local markets to visiting rural agriturismos, we love aligning with the new season to inspire our palette for the months ahead.

As an island for all seasons, new residents should be rest assured Ibiza packs just as much of a punch come autumn. Here’s three of our top places and spaces worth your visit.

Located in the north of the island and the small village of San Lorenzo, amidst spectacular lemon and orange groves, La Paloma is ‘Mediterranean food served with love’. Opened in 2004, the restaurant was a key force in showcasing Ibiza’s impressive gastronomy talents beyond the party highs, continuing to stand proud as one of the island’s best restaurants.

Discreetly positioned on a hilltop, the homestead-style property and its enchanting gardens are immediately inviting. Whether you sit in blissful calm amidst the organic farm grounds under the autumn sun, lantern glow or even nestled in a cosy nook inside, La Paloma is magical come autumn.

Serving hearty, homemade food that embraces you from the first mouthful, the Italian-inspired menu changes constantly to align with their own seasonal produce or what can be sourced from the local market. As a result, dishes are small to ensure they’re using the freshest ingredients.

Closing their doors for winter on 23 October, ensure your visit to La Paloma is in the diary.

La Paloma, Carrer Can Pou, 4, 07812 Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, Illes Balears, Ibiza

As we dust off our party shoes from the summer’s festivities, find sanctuary in autumn’s invitation to reset and recharge the body, mind and soul. What better place than at one the island’s most luxurious spas. Part of the iconic hotel group, the Six Senses Spa is true unadulterated indulgence offering an intuitive mix of science and human awareness.

Their immersive retreats, functional fitness programmes and day-spa treatment menus are tailored to guests while administered by global practitioners and expert yogic masters. A place to truly centre one’s wellness, the spa extends to over 1,200 square meters, housing the RoseBar longevity lounge, steam room, hammam and holistic anti-aging programme.

There’s a state-of-the-art fitness area, café and juice bar, whilst outdoors are massage catacombs with direct access to the spa’s organic gardens, where ingredients for the spa botanicals and bar are grown. Pure bliss and worth every penny!

Six Senses Spa Ibiza, Camí de Sa Torre, 71, 07810 Sant Joan de Labritja, Illes Balears, Ibiza

A relative newcomer on the Ibiza scene that opened only earlier this year, welcome to Juntos Ibiza. Incorporating a modern farm-to-table restaurant, clubhouse and new boutique, Juntos Ibiza is situated within an ancient farmhouse in the village of San Mateo with a vibe that is sophisticated yet hip.

Taking the farm-to-dining experience to its peak, the kitchen is headed up by award-winning chef Benoît Cadot from the highly regarded La Mercerie in Marseille. Cadot, known to take deep pleasure in his collaboration with the farm’s planting and harvesting schedule, visualises his menu even before the produce has started planting. This passion and dedication to organic ingredients shines bright in his cuisine that changes almost weekly with dishes such as zucchini flowers stuffed with local ricotta and farm-picked strawberries topped with homemade ice cream.

Inside, the sublime decor masterminded by Camilleri Interiors delivers earthy tones and deep azure blues, embodying the essence of Ibiza. Juntos Ibiza’s patio and garden allow guests to take shade under parasols while a pergola doubles as a cocktail bar, perfect for a tantalising cocktail or glass of natural wine.

We’re especially excited by the on-site boutique offering a range of slow fashion, gourmet food products and considered design objects from local businesses and artisans that only opened a few weeks’ ago.

Love nature, food and design? This place is for you.

Juntos Ibiza, Cami del Pla, S/N, San Mateo, Albarca, 07816, Illes Balears, Ibiza


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