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Updated: Jun 5

Contemporary home in Ibiza

An island of diversity, Ibiza offers a range of lifestyles in more ways than one. Whether you’re a relaxed bohemian at heart or someone seeking a more upbeat pace of life, there’s something for everyone. As you start your relocation journey and consideration of a new life on the White Isle, one of the first things to contemplate is where you will settle. What will you choose when it comes to Ibiza property living: town or country?

Ibiza Old Town

Love culture, history and heritage? The charm of Ibiza Town, also known as Eivissa, in the south of the island may just grab your fancy. With its charming cobbled streets, plus bountiful tavernas, food markets, boutiques, the old section named Dalt Vila evokes an enduring sense of romance at every turn. Gothic cathedrals, historical forts and museums, it’s no surprise it’s one of the most revered spots in the Balearics.


In recent years, Marina Botafocht has truly come into its own. Located across the bay from Ibiza Town, this hip and trendy section of Ibiza’s marina is teamed with colourful buildings and expansive walkways. The vibe is contemporary and modern to suit those more in favour of turnkey newbuild properties. And if you’re lucky enough to own a boat, what better way to start the day than on your balcony at sunrise overlooking your mooring. With a burgeoning food scene and some of Ibiza’s top clubs minutes away, it’s a sterling location for those who work hard and play hard.

Ibiza Old Town and Marina

Across the island, the frenetic San Antonio awaits. A winner for anyone seeking a bustling nightlife and some of the world’s most iconic sunsets. With a party reputation, the benefit of this area is its young community and affordability. Being a smaller town, the urban sprawl isn’t quite so pronounced as the south of the island, resulting in some fantastic property finds close to the town centre.

Slow living in rural Ibiza

On the contrary, some argue nothing quite beats the rural pace of life in Ibiza’s country. Immersed in nature with a sustainable lifestyle at its core, country living continues to grow in demand, particularly since the pandemic. A destination that embraces personal wellbeing, spirituality and the practice of ‘slow living’ like no other, a rural lifestyle certainly stands unrivalled here.

Traditional square in Ibiza village

On the northern coast of the island, San Juan, is hard to beat in terms of its charm. Renowned for its laid-back feel, stunning landscapes and traditional Ibizan culture, it’s a serene retreat from the island’s busier tourist spots. New residents can fully immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty and traditional atmosphere here. Home to a quintessential village square with whitewashed houses and a beautiful church, Plaza de San Juan attracts locals to firmly cement its community feel. On Sundays, the town comes alive when the iconic San Juan Market sets up its stalls. Both locals and visitors gather to browse local crafts, handmade goods and local, organic food. 

Contemporary home in rural Ibiza with pool and views

Finally but not least, Santa Eulalia del Río on the east coast of Ibiza, is a peaceful town hugely popular with families. Considered an especailly safe community, it’s home to golf courses and a fantastic selection of beaches. The town itself is still relatively up-and-coming which makes it perfect for those who are happy to perhaps compromise on location, however with the premise of a property investment that will monetise in future years.

Contemporary property in rural Ibiza with pool and garden

If you’re keen to discuss location options with one of the island’s leading property experts, get in touch with PaddyAnne McAllister of Next Stop Ibiza today. From rental properties or homes to purchase, PaddyAnne will guide you through your journey as you contemplate the next steps to your life in Ibiza. Email


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