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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Bloom Studio team. Photograph by Sofia Gomez

Founded by architect Kit Maplethorpe in 2016, Bloom Studio is a multidisciplinary studio incorporating an expert team of technical, creative and production talent. With 15 years’ combined experience in both London and the Balearic Islands, this design collective continues to be one of the leading architectural and interior design innovators. With the architectural team headed by Maplethorpe, the interiors side of the business continues to thrive under the direction of Sarah Elkabas who works with clients to lead the aesthetic concept and furnishings for the home.

Satiating our love of property and exceptional design, Next Stop Ibiza took the time to hang out with Kit to discover more about his artistic ethos and what Ibiza means to him. As the man that’s redesigning Ibiza to higher delights, we hope this inspires your considered foray to settle on the White Isle.

Finca Mirabelle by Studio Bloom
Finca Mirabelle by Studio Bloom

Describe your design ethos.

Our design ethos as a business is about balancing the style and authenticity of the island whilst managing a client's needs in the most intuitive way. We pride ourselves on establishing close relationships with each of our clients and to maintain this throughout the entire project. This is really important to us as a business, we know we’re technically competent designing and constructing beautiful houses, however nurturing our client connections remains forefront in everything we do.

What initially brought you to Ibiza?

After traveling the world over a decade ago with my then-girlfriend (my now-wife), we came here together for her work. She’s a trained sushi chef and landed a job on the island. It was the one place we both felt we could settle and build a life together, and so never left. We’ve been here nearly 10 years now and both our children were born on the island. It was then (nearly six years ago) that I saw a real gap in the market and thus Bloom Studio was born!

Studio Bloom kitchen. Photograph by Gomez Fonzo

What has been your most interesting project?

We are incredibly lucky in how organically unique and interesting our projects are and so it would be impossible for me to choose just one. What is particularly interesting is the scope of work throughout and how this evolves within the design process. It’s great to really push the boundaries and create vividly intriguing spaces to give our projects a contrast to the norm. We excel in truly considering spaces to determine what can be achieved to maximise the potential of each area.

Describe Ibiza in three words

Inspirational, fascinating, paradise

Residential project by Studio Bloom. Photograph by Sofia Gomez

Finca Mirabelle by Studio Bloom

Describe your typical working day?

No two days are ever the same in this industry and seasonality can really play a huge part. Most builds on the island commence in the winter and so a lot of my time in the latter part of the year will be on site visits. The team then designs throughout the rest of the year and so you’ll find me in the office overseeing new project concepts with my team, working through strategies and also meeting with clients. I find having a structure to my day is key as all our projects have a lot of moving parts and so communication with my team is crucial in ensuring nothing gets missed and deadlines achieved.

Whereabouts in Ibiza are you based?

Our office is based in Santa Eulalia and our projects all over the island.

Finca Mirabelle by Studio Bloom

Aside from enlisting your services, what's your top recommendation for any newcomers to the island who are considering building their own home in Ibiza?

Many factors come into play when designing new projects - my biggest advice is to be open to new ideas whilst trusting the process. Ibiza can be a frustrating island at times, in terms of administration and bureaucracy, and we in particular have spent a lot of time honing our supplier and tradesperson network to ensure the highest standard of work. It’s also important to take your time in sourcing a team that not only listens to you but also doesn’t promise you the world. We’re confident in our designs and knowing what's right for the project, whilst remaining honest and transparent throughout the process from design to construction

What future projects do you have in store?

We have a very busy winter ahead with five projects starting this season; they will all be the biggest and best we have executed. Very exciting times ahead!

Residential project by Studio Bloom. Photograph by Sofia Gomez

What's your best Ibiza secret?

Living here all-year round is the best secret I can offer. For me, the island in the winter is the most idyllic when the beaches are empty, the sea is crystal clear and the weather is still warm. Taking time to appreciate the things right in front of our noses is the best advice I can give.

Describe your perfect Ibiza weekender?

My perfect weekend entails hanging with my family. I have two young children and we love to explore beaches off the beaten track, going for walks with our dog and generally making the most of the island - be it a fish feast lunch or walking in nature; it’s the simple things that are important.

Residential project by Studio Bloom. Photograph by Sofia Gomez

Bloom Studio, 2C dr, Carrer Ricardo Curtoys Gotarredona, 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain


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