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Updated: Jul 12

Villa in Ibiza with pool outlook

Once a tranquil island largely untouched by tourism until the sixties, Ibiza has evolved to more closely resemble iconic Mediterranean destinations, such as Saint-Tropez and Mykonos, for affluent lifestyle. Despite this remarkable transformation, the island has managed to retain its unique character as a sought-after haven, all-year round. Enticing global buyers, Ibiza's prestige and popularity continues to grow, evidenced by the rising number of luxury properties, super-yachts, and private jets that descend each year. Extending the length of its high season, the island’s idyllic lifestyle has resulted in a booming real estate market and a location for solid investment opportunities.

Ibiza's enduring popularity among international buyers seeking Mediterranean properties shows no signs of waning. As the island adapts to appeal to an expanding clientele, demand is poised to keep increasing. With a supply shortage also plaguing the market, sellers are likely reluctant to list their properties. Where there can also be strict zoning regulations on the island to limit inventory, we predict further price appreciation over the years.

Property in Ibiza with view

Investing in Ibiza's real estate offers numerous avenues, including acquiring land to build one or more custom villas. If you pursue this option, Next Stop Ibiza can provide you with comprehensive support throughout the process, including an insider knowledge of the latest investment opportunities and land that could be compelling for construction. The team will be on the forefront of evaluating the site for the type of property that can be built, views and orientation, and specific legalities in the area. In addition, economic studies to calculate the actual total investment and expected return should you later sell. Working with trusted local contractors is also key for any development which we can in turn advise on.

Acquiring property in Ibiza for rental purposes can also be highly profitable, provided you choose the right location. When buying to rent, you gain a two-fold advantage - an income-generating asset and a property you can personally enjoy. The property can be rented out continuously or reserved for your own leisure use. With Ibiza only two hours by plane from most European cities, owners can enjoy their special investment with ease. 

Villa in Ibiza

It goes without saying that Ibiza’s real estate market is unique with the appreciation of some properties surprising to even industry experts. By carefully selecting properties with strong resale potential in the right locations, properly maintained and marketed by the right agents, investors can achieve significant profit margins. With Next Stop Ibiza’s broad portfolio of both domestic and international clients, our team can hugely support the buying and selling process for investors.

Other investment avenues may also include co-ownership via crowdfunding arrangements and collaborating with estate agencies. Or, diversification of portfolios by investing in various real estate projects on the island, as in wider banking and other financial sectors. 

PaddyAnne McAllister with laptop at home
PaddyAnne McAllister

As a company born and established in Ibiza, supported by a multi-lingual team, Next Stop Ibiza possesses a unique cultural understanding and insider's perspective on life in Ibiza, knowing the emerging areas to consider and the local pitfalls to avoid. “Having relocated to the island close to 20 years ago, we have our ears to the ground and our book of local contacts deep. We take great pride in providing our clients with the most comprehensive and personalised service, whether they are buying, renting, or selling property. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives by offering a seamless, uncomplicated, and hassle-free real estate experience”, says PaddyAnne McAllister.

Advising investors as they navigate Ibiza’s real estate market is a key service for Next Stop Ibiza. With the market moving fast, the team can step in when buyers aren’t able to secure the purchase of the property. In addition, providing support in legislative requirements, including an NIE number and opening a Spanish bank account, in suffice time before you’re ready to buy.

You can also read our recent article outlining why you should invest in Ibiza now with demand for property in Ibiza continuing to rise in 2024 and predicted to do so into 2025. Leveraged by current sales and rental prices in the UK at record highs, rising demand for all-year rentals also ensures Ibiza on the prime property map as a profitable and safe destination to invest.



With a unique knowledge on the latest island investment opportunities, our property search service is perfect for you. Get in contact today with PaddyAnne directly ( to enquire or you can book one of our Clarity Consultations. A 1:1 meeting that allows us to learn more about your requirements to help shape your search. Click the link below to book your call today.


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