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View of Ibiza Town
Photography by Alejandra Camacho Alvarez

We’ve all had it. That defining moment when Ibiza quite literally sweeps you off your feet.

With the sun shining, the waves lapping and the music alluring, it doesn’t take much to be convinced to start a new life on the White Isle. Before you know it, you’re already picturing yourself there, embracing a more bohemian and relaxed lifestyle in a traditional, whitewashed finca in the country or amongst all the action in a modern apartment in Ibiza Town.

Without wanting to burst the bubble, relocating to a new country is a big decision, particularly when you’re trying to find a new home with unfamiliar property practice and legislation thrown your way, plus a different language to contend with, too. As you navigate these unchartered waters, the highs and lows of a property search will likely only magnify.

Luckily, Next Stop Ibiza is here to help. Working with us, you can remain on that blissful Balearic cloud nine whilst we attend to all matters at ground level. Like anything, it’s essential to start at step one and so we’ve put together our top tips for when you’re initially embarking on your Ibiza property search.

Couple smiling at laptop screen
Photograph by Docusign

1. Get home, allow yourself time and do your research

Though you perhaps percolated the idea of moving to Ibiza on a sun lounger or whilst gazing out at sea, truly consider your decision to relocate once back home. Allow the post-holiday blues to subside and reality to bite, so you can make an informed decision.

Then, it’s time to consider the other factors, including where you may want to settle once in Ibiza permanently. Here, research is key. It’s great to be fed recommendations, however ensure you allow sufficient headspace to truly digest different areas and locations. Whether it’s scouring Instagram for visual inspiration, leafing through online forums or simply studying a map, it pays to be as informed as possible.

Photograph by David Svihovec and Adrien Vajas

2. Factor in a designated property trip and start planning beforehand

You may consider yourself an Ibizan regular, however it’s time to dust off the glitz and glamour to get down to business to see the island in its true light. It’s imperative to invest not only time but also the associated costs into a designated property trip. We recommend visiting Ibiza outside of peak season, during October to April, when it’s much quieter and you can focus more on the task at hand. Plus, less homes will be rented and so you can get a better feel for the island at less expense.

Ensure you’ve allowed yourself about a month beforehand to conduct the research we mentioned earlier. Now’s the time to also reach out to Next Stop Ibiza who can facilitate your visit, including suggested areas, transport links, accessible accommodation and a recommended course of action so you don’t forget the finer details. We can also set up meetings in advance, perhaps regarding schooling opportunities or future employment which may dictate your property search.

People walking through Ibiza Town
Photograph by Kadir Celep

Women walking through Ibiza Town
Photograph by Mathieu Montecot

3. Remain focused

Block out circa three days in-and-around your preferred areas on the island with the plan to do not all that much. Longer is obviously ideal however we understand you’re busy and it's hard to get away. Our advice is to take this initial trip seriously and to not tag it on to any other holiday or break, as tempting as it may be to hope you can squeeze in a few hours after a raucous wedding on the island. Contacts out of your immediate network and who are not involved in the relocation decision will be a distraction.

Once there, be considered in the areas you choose - drive around the streets, check out the back areas, explore on foot to get an idea of distances, and quite simply be in the local town and their restaurants and cafes to truly get a feel for it.

Photograph by Slow Ibiza

4. Meet prospective contacts with intent

Everyone in life is busy and so do the best to get off on the right foot with new contacts. When you do meet realtors or estate agents, try and be as informed as possible whilst transparent about the stage you’re at with your property search. We can also inform you as much as possible so you’re not posing one thousand and one questions to realtors.

Nothing puts off agents and the like, if you start retracting property offers before you’re out of the window shopping mode. You want to present yourself as an appealing proposition so that when you are ready to make offers, they take you seriously and will work both with you and for you.

From property legislation to tax, it’s time to do your homework!

Villa with pool at sunset
Photograph by Dayso

5. Prepare yourself to be disappointed and consider your options

Property losses and gazumping happens the world over. Ibiza is in hot demand and so don’t expect to score your dream home on the first attempt. Prepare yourself to be as resilient as possible during this time and remember everything likely happens for a reason. If you weren’t successful with a property you’ve had your eye on, consider other options and beyond that think further outside the box. Perhaps you could look into purchasing land and enlist an architect.

Whatever your dilemma, throw it to Next Stop Ibiza. We’re your little black book of contacts and know to advise on the most-reputable firms to make your new life in Ibiza work for you.

Woman looking down street
Photograph by Jeppe Monster

Keen to explore purchasing property in Ibiza? Get in touch with Next Stop Ibiza today. Contact PaddyAnne McAllister, founder of Next Stop Ibiza, by email on


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