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Updated: Jun 5

Territori Ibiza - International Performance Art Festival

After the sun and freneticism of summer, many Ibiza residents are quick to welcome September. With the tourists dwindling in numbers and a sense of normality returning to the island’s shores, autumn remains one of our favourite months of the year. It’s also jam-packed with interesting events and cultural highs to ensure an easy transition from summer. For any newcomers worried about the low season, get ready to marvel at some of the September’s delights. From a tasty gourmet festival to an international performance show, there’s something for everyone…

Eivissa Jazz Festival Performance
Eivissa Jazz Festival

Eivissa Jazz Festival

Starting at the end of August, the Eivissa Jazz Festival is a truly magical experience.This year marks the 35th edition and will see different venues throughout the city of Eivissa, including Plaça Sotavila, Vara de Rey, Parc Reina Sofia and Baluard de Santa Llúcia devote their spaces to the best national and international jazz. An unmissable event for all music lovers, the festival remains one of the city’s cultural highlights as world-class jazz serenades the night sky. With jazz legends, such as McCoy Tyner, Rebekka Bakken, Brandford Marsalis, Tineke Postma, Esbjorn Svensson, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Avishai Cohen, Mina Agossi, Brad Mehldau and Martirio, past performing on its stage, it’s a fantastic opportunity to see catch both legendary and newcomer names. The week-long event runs from 28 August and until 2 September - don’t miss out!

Eivissa Jazz Festival;

 Ibiza Beer & Gourmet Festival

Ibiza Beer & Gourmet Festival

Across the last weekend of September, eager foodies and beer fans can look forward to the Ibiza Beer & Gourmet Festival - separate events held in conjunction with each other at the Recinto Ferial (FECOEV), just outside Ibiza town. As the first gourmet fair, this year marks the 16th edition of the beer festival and stands as a firm favourite with locals.

The gourmet fair is a perfect event for those new to the island and perhaps unfamiliar to the restaurant scene, visitors can experience a culinary tribute to the gastronomy of the Pitisusas (the collection of islands incorporating Ibiza, Formentera, and S'Espalmador, plus other small, nearby islands). Renowned restaurants participating, include Can Alfredo, Trattoria del Mar, Can Mario, Ficus and many more, presenting their finest dishes and tapas. Washed down with a variety of wines and champagne from Pernot Ricard, iconic brands such as Frutos Secos Ibiza, Sa Trulleta, Salifred and Jamones los Andluces will also be making appearances.

For the beer lovers, guests can choose from over 200 beers from around the world plus some local favourites too. A top deal considering the entry fee for both events is only €5 per visitor, that can be exchanged for three ‘birris’, the official currency of the Ibiza Beer Festival. With the gourmet fair held inside and the beer festival outside, plus live music sessions and DJ appearances across both events, look forward to a buzzy atmosphere filled with fun, flavours and more.

The Big Splash, Ibiza

The Big Splash

For those seeking activities of the more sports-kind and with a love of the sea, The Big Splash is a now-annual event not to be missed. Established by Project Zero and the Ibiza Blue Challenge, the swim will celebrate its second course on Sunday 10 September. Aimed to generate funds that support the protection and restoration of marine ecosystems and the ocean, the swim also supports the protection of the global network of ocean sanctuaries, too.

Swimmers at The Big Splash

With four distances to choose from, it’s an event for swimmers of all capabilities. Including the Splash 5km (a competitive long-distance, open-water swim for advanced swimmers), the Splash 3km (a still competitive swim, however more for both medium and advanced swimmers, seeking a shorter distance), the Splash 1.5km (a more accessible than the two longer swims, however still considered competitive) and then the Splash 0.8km (the shortest and most-popular of the four; non-competitive and aimed at children who are accompanied by their parents, as well as swimmers of all levels).

Ibiza Blue Challenge;


Arist at Territori Ibiza - International Performance Art Festival

Territori Ibiza - International Performance Art Festival

Kicking off from 15 September 2023 for ten days, Territori Ibiza is considered an international meeting dedicated to performance start. Since its first year in 2020, the festival has brought together an impressive selection of artists from across the world. An event committed to creation whilst open to new processes, plus emerging and local talent.

Territori Ibiza is an international meeting specialising in performance art. Since 2020, the island has been bringing together an outstanding selection of artists from all over the world who work with the body, live and action arts. The considered programme will incorporate performances, plus mentorships, documentaries, exhibitions, workshops and more held across a diverse range of island venues, including urban areas and galleries to natural settings.

Territori Ibiza Performing Festival;

Brisa Flamenco Festival

Brisa Flamenco Festival

And for the traditionalists, the Brisa Flamenco Festival is an outstanding annual event (now in its sixth edition) that presents the quintessential Andalusian art form of flamenco. Held in San Antonio, expect an array of castanets, dancing and music with top local and national performers, including the copla and flamenco singer Falate, Sevilian singer La Tana and the famous flamenco guitarist Tomatito. Taking place on the 8 and 9 September, this is a perfect event for all the family!


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