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Updated: Jul 9

Zoran Torodovic on chair
Photography by Tim Collins Photography

A true master of his craft, Zoran Todorovic (MCC) is considered one of the world’s greatest coaches and spiritual teachers. With a career spanning over twenty years, Zoran has travelled the world to provide guidance and support to those in the pursuit of positive thinking, inner peace, conscious living, mediation, and both emotional and spiritual intelligence.

As founder of one of the world’s most-respected coaching firms, TNM Coaching, Zoran himself has had this own enlightening and successful journey, spawned from a authentic desire to help people unlock their potential, and strive to be equally happy and successful in both their careers and personal lives. With clients across life, business and corporate sectors, Zoran has an international audience, speaking at hundreds of global events, where he continues to leave many speechless by his talks. At an even greater scale, Zoran was notably television presenter of The Net with Sigma International.

Finding solace in Ibiza, Zoran shares his time between the White Isle and global destinations to service his clients, including in London at TNM Coaching’s headquarters. As a friend and supporter of Next Stop Ibiza, we caught up with Zoran for an all-inspiring conversation…

Zoran Torodovic standing in garden

Zoran, how you started your coaching journey?

My journey began with a deep desire to understand and explore my inner self. I have coached for 24 years and consider myself a coaching pioneer in Europe. Living in Ibiza, with its multidimensional nature and diverse community, has provided me the perfect environment to delve into deeper mastery of coaching, self-discovery, and breakthrough growth.

The island itself invites people to explore their inner world and consciousness, which has helped me deepen my coaching practice. Surrounded by awakened, conscious, and passionate individuals, I found the inspiration and support to develop my coaching skills further. My journey has been one of continuous learning and transformation, driven by a commitment to help others achieve their fullest potential.

How would you describe your work ethic?

Holistic and dedicated. I believe in a balanced approach that encompasses personal development, spiritual growth, and the achievement of goals. Continuous personal development through various spiritual techniques, such as meditation and breath work, is essential. Setting clear, measurable goals and developing strategic plans to achieve them is crucial. I also value the importance of teamwork and collaboration, understanding that collective intelligence often yields greater results. Adaptability and flexibility are key elements of my work ethic, allowing me to embrace change and seize new opportunities.

Zoran Torodovic holding his book with dog

What originally drew you to Ibiza?

Ibiza's unique blend of natural beauty, spiritual energy, and vibrant community. It’s a place where you can find a deep connection with oneself, nature, and others. The island's ability to surprise and offer what one truly needs, rather than what one expects, is profoundly enriching. The community of awakened and conscious individuals from all over the world has also provided me invaluable experiences, friendships, and personal growth opportunities.

How would you describe Ibiza in three words?

Multidimensional, Transformative, Enriching.

Table with objects and book

What are your tips for people wanting to start afresh abroad?

I’d start with self discovery. It’s important to take the time to truly explore and understand your inner values, passions, and interests. Knowing yourself deeply will guide you in finding the right path abroad.

Second, open mindedness to new experiences and cultures. Embrace the changes and challenges that come with living in a new environment.

Finally, community building to surround yourself with a supportive and like-minded community. Building strong connections with others will help you adapt and thrive in your new surroundings.

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

With just over half of the year left, I look forward to continuing my journey of personal and professional growth. I aim to deepen my self-understanding and the world around me, whilst helping others achieve their fullest potential. I am excited about the opportunities to connect with new people, share my experiences, and contribute to creating a more connected, harmonious, and conscious society.

Additionally, I am eager to explore new dimensions of spiritual development and to balance technological advancements with spiritual awareness to build a positive future for all. I believe our society is currently in a phase of transformation, and it is crucial to focus on both spiritual development and technological progress. Promoting values such as empathy, love, solidarity, respect for nature and all living beings will be key.

I also look forward to working towards a more inclusive society that respects diversity and provides opportunities for all individuals. Through joint efforts in spiritual growth and building harmonious relationships with nature, we can create a world in which everyone can thrive and live according to their highest potential.

Zoran Todorovic, MCC. Founder of TNM Coaching;


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